Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Boy No 2

Stephane by Vilius Kadunas
Concept by Oliver Arlt

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Boy No 1

First Posting

Welcome to our new blog. Yes, yes, you might wonder why on earth another "fashion blog" is needed when there already are a million bloggers out there talking about runway shows, newest trends and documenting street styles all around the world. Though we appreciate and love all of the previously mentioned we on the other side wanted to something new. We do not just want to show what is going on in the fashion world, we actually want to, like a proper print magazine, produce something that we made. We want to be busy. Creative.

Especially in these hard recession times when everybody is more or less affected by the oh so bad credit crunch we take this opportunity and try to do something amazing without money. And you, the reader, don't have to pay for it. We will work together with other creatives, interview them, showcase their work, produce editorials with them and just make really beautiful things. About boys.

Oh yea we didn't mention that before. Our concept is: boys. There you go.

We are Danai and Oliver, your multilingual, multicultural, interactive, super journalists feeding you with (photo) stories about all the hot people in this fashion world. Follow this space and we promise more hype, lies and superficial lines.